[TP1] D1 Sell USDJPY


there is a chance of a retest, instead of a stop, we will hedge on the way up!
you can stop out the first trade and re-enter the other one, but this works better with hedging

Sell Now: 109.816

Hedge (buy): 110.696 (TP: 111.634 / SL: 110.073)

re-sell at hedge TP (reverse Hedge position) 111.634

TP1: 109.913 TP2: 108.558 TP3: 107.032 TP4: 105.437

the whole hedge-set can be stopped out as well at the entry area (not use TP for hedge order, will put details in comments once this does happen)


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  1. SwingFish SwingFish says:

    Hedge positions canceled!
    move stop to 110.898

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