1000 Pip “guru’s”

ever came across somethings like this ?
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there is a very simple action you can (and should) take,
if you do see ads like this: STAY AWAY !!!


And here is Why

  • if a image just show the result (like winnings) but no Account balance or Stop values
    it does give you no result at all, all it does is to make you crazy about some big numbers
    if as example in the picture above the account had 100.000$ Balance before this trades where placed, a result like that would be pretty normal
    if however the account balance was 5000$ before the trades where made, mean the Trader simply massive over leveraged the account which does result in the long run in complete loss of Funds. Guaranteed!
    so images not show all the informations are just to make you Horny for the Money!
  • if one post a image shows “i make you 1000pips a month” .. well there is no indication what stops are used to archive this goal. and so there is no way to know if this is actually a profitable way.
  • additional, why would someone charge you 50$ for a service if the Trader himself could make Millions in just trading them themselves ? paying forward ? i don’t think so !