FX Outlook for week 26

Personal Opinion by Dieter Daniel“Personal opinion on FX market for incoming week”
~ Consider that the time is considered at the time of Romania or time of this Discord. Also consider that this info is not meant to be a signal provider but rather a Fundamental Outlook in one’s opinion based on the economic calendar.

Sunday to Monday:

Recorrection, market not volatile, until 3 AM.


Starting at 3 AM, JPY strengthens against AUD, GBP, EUR, CHF, NZD, CAD in the Asian session early in the morning. At 11:00 AM, in the London session, expect a $ strengthening against Yen, AUD, GBP, EUR, CHF, NZD, CAD, including the New York session until the end of the day when it is going to juggle.


The Asian Session, nothing volatile. Starting with the London session, expect the dollar to boom, especially against the GBP. Starting at 4:00 PM, NYC session, the dollar will have small withdrawals from the major currencies, AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, NZD, CHF, by the end of the day. Export / import rates of NZD fall, so NZD will suffer in relation to $, AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF.


The Asian Session, nothing volatile. Starting with the London session, he could juggle against all currencies or lose ground until the NYC session. At the NYC session, the dollar will lose ground against the other currency, especially at 3:30 PM when it announces rates on Gross Inventory, Commodity Balance, Long-Term Goods Orders, and Sustainable Goods Measures. After that, $ will juggle and will strengthen at the Announcement of Pending Sales Rates and Oil EIA Report from Energy Efficiency Management (EIA). NZD could strengthen against New Zealand’s New Zealand Bank.


In the Asian session, $ strengthened against JPY. At 9:00 AM, the EUR strengthens against $, but $ will not lose much ground, DAX, SPAIN35 and F40 may drop. GBP in turn is slightly stronger than $, 1 hour before the London session. In the London session, the base currencies will strengthen against $, but not much, as it is ahead of news. At 12:00 PM, the EUR will reach its peak just before the announcement of business climate rates, from which $ will begin to strengthen. Starting with the NYC session at 3:00 PM, the EUR will pick up a bit or stay intact until high-impact news. 3:30 PM – High impact news will strengthen $ dramatically against all currencies. At the opening of the DOW, NASDAQ stocks, they will go down. During this time, for 2 hours from high impact news, currencies will recover in relation to $.


Starting with the Asian session, AUD loses ground. JPY recovers against $ so USDJPY might fall. EUR will fall by a few pips against $ at 9:00. At the London session, the CHF strengthens and the EUR will fall, and it strengthens. Instead, the GBP strengthens against $. The EURGBP pair might fall. At 12:00 PM, the EUR recovers against $ at the announcement of the consumer price index. At the NYC session at 3:30 PM – high impact news will recover somehow the EUR to $ as basic rates for personal consumption remain the same. CAD will recover seriously as $ will lose ground against all currencies.