Statistics (Week 41)

SwingFish Strategy Summary Week 41

SwingFish Weekly Payout for Risk-Free Plan: 0.22%

this week was not so secessful, i myself eliminated a large chunk of the profits yesterday (Friday) due to a misstake while trading news.

Top Gainer this week:

Chatroom & Yaser Analysis
20.81%. the BTCUSD Trade was canceled, we manually shorted a large amount of USDJPY to pay the loss, but this turned “accidentally” in a massive gain. serval trades are still open on normal risk parameters.

UB-Noise Crashtest with +5.5%, total gain for this Year: +32.87%%

1000$ Challenge, after yesterdays loss we close the week with 0.77% Gain and a total gain this Year of +4.71%

UB-Noise (GBPAUD) gained 2.46%, totalling this Year with +47.3%
will withdraw 117$ from this account.

mf-Crowd closing this week with 0.77% gain, yearly gain 83.11%.