SwingFish Summary Week 38

Week 38

Weekly Dividend for Risk-Free Plan: 0.0792%
Commissions Rebates paid to Members: 1936.40 S$

activity this week:

  • the EnFoid Security fund will Substantially gain size over the next few weeks as we will get a return of some of our long-term Bond positions, this will free up the available deposit size massively. we will have more funds to secure deposits.
  • heading off EURGBP for the UB-Noise Strategy went pretty well, there were some positions left open during the week, which we closed then after the large move EURGBP made, generating a massive income.
  • the casual section on the website is getting into shape, but this will take some more time to complete.
  • Kawase is Closing,
    we are in the process of working out a new partnership with Fondex, the Broker that takes over the Kawase Business.

1000 (Tradingroom/Live)

  • this Week’s Gain +11.88% (200 Trades)
  • No Positions Open
  • Quarterly Gain +76.41%


  • this Weeks Gain was +10.87% (195 Trades)
  • Weekend Equity: 99.95% (7 Positions)
  • Quarterly Gain +43.19%

Chatroom Analysis (SwingFish Signals)

  • serval of the Yen trades where stoped out.
  • this weeks loss at 1.89% with 10 trades
  • Weekend equity: 100.24% (8 positions and 9 Orders)
  • Quarterly Gain +6.79%

BX (Crypto)

  • Holding 7009 XPR