SwingFish Summary Week 2

happened this week:

  • Downloads of Tools, Indicators, and Robots are now directly via the Website
    (You have to be a SwingFish member to get them, but no signup is required)
  • almost Completed the “RISK-ON” Feature in EnFoid Lenders
  • Registered casual-traders.com for later use to present a few selected traders and provide a glimpse into the lives of them.

Coming week:

  • moving the Swing/Signal account over the weekend
  • we may Trade the DayTrades on a EUR account for a few months,
    will update on this later again with a dedicated post.
  • we are in the process of adding serval pages for members only to the website (not to worry, we will never charge anyone)
    downloads and stuff like this will, however, be placed in this fashion,
    plus some additional internal information, and some new interesting casual trader Stuff (VERY big construction site there still)
  • completion of Signal adding pages
  • completion of members pages for “internal stuff”
  • completion of Downloads (book club)
  • removal of Fondex and Kawase as IB Brokers
  • finalizing IB Stuff with IG and Oanda (still lacking behind on our side about that)

Results are low (as expected) as most of the times there where “the Holidays”

1000 (Tradingroom/Live)

  • Weekly Gain +21.78% (111 Trades)
  • No Positions Open
  • Monthly Gain +148.15% (1 Losing day)

Chatroom Analysis (SwingFish Signals)

  • Weekly Gain 0.62%
  • Weekend equity: 100% (no positions open, we move the account over the weekend)
  • Quarterly Gain +40.52%