SwingFish Summary Week 6

  • SwingFish: Commissions Rebates paid to Members (30 days) 35,120 S$
  • SwingFish: 2059 Members
  • EnFoid: Weekly Dividend for EnFoid Lenders: 0.094%
  • EnFoid: Maximum transferable this week 3,113,700 S$

This week:

  • it was again, an outstanding week, for the Daytrades, but on one occasion we did risk all our weekly earnings to get a Trade going, this is not how you suppose to Trade, so we added a Losing day to break the Winning Streak of 63 Weeks in Profit in a row.

Coming week:

  • our Chatroom Bot Scruffy has some performance issues (still)
  • we released a Beta Version of the Elgato StreamDeck Integration to cTrader
    SwingFish will test it during Week 6
  • Adding OFX for faster Transfer’s out to you
  • removal of Fondex and Kawase as IB Brokers
  • finalizing IB Stuff with IG and Oanda (still lacking behind on our side about that)
  • automated Affiliate payments

1000 (Tradingroom/Live)

  • Weekly Gain +33.67% (192 Trades)
  • No Positions open
  • Monthly Gain +259.79% (1 Losing day (not really a loss, but added for the sake of playing fair))

Chatroom Analysis (SwingFish Signals)

  • Weekly Gain 0%
  • Weekend equity: 106.72% (10 Positions, 4 Orders)
  • Quarterly Gain +46.42%