153 | +0.995% | 2 Trades

was up until 3 in the morning. now it’s 9 in the morning (same day)

Yesterday was a pretty much non-eventful day because everything waited for FOMC and FED announcements.
however, despite my Bias, all indices did go UP .. which is a very strange behavior ..
okay the DAX will go up because of the EURO dropping so hard. but DOW, Nasdaq, Russel had no real reason to do so.

so in a bit sleepy motion made the first 0.12% on a VERY tiny GOLD scalp.

 not really had an angle to put a take profit anyway .. so I closed it out.

then being stupid for the first time today: the first hedge
was watching AUDJPY making a beautiful Reversal (left on the picture, I did see it as it was +3 from the vWap, so I did not enter there)
entered upwards NZDUSD (right chart) .. realized that AUD and NZD correlating so on the first sign of this going bad, I place a hedge trade as this very likely would turn bad… and it did.


Finally, found an angle on the NZDUSD trade (trendline connecting the last lows) the conjunction point is just a few pips away.

on the way back to the vWap (which is quite common) the SwingFishHelper did Auto-Hedge for me, that was okay but too early, so let’s gamble a little, reversed the Hedge position .. and got out early on the minor-trendline. adding a nice gain of 0.875% to the account. I’m quite sure price may go to the 0.7311 area on NZDUSD (i put an arrow on the chart for my original Target)

.. but since this was a hedge-resolution trade, going out with 0 is the goal .. anything greener is just a gift.

calling it a day with total Gain of 0.995%