168 | +1.33% | 4 Setups

05:55 Short EURAUD (Quick Probe Trade in the range)


06:05 looks like that wont work out very well .. i may place a hedge on this early, since i had no more reason to enter as filling the current range. which looks a bit like a bullish flag anyway.

06:19 placed Hedge trade on EURAUD … time to take shower and get some coffee.

06:41EURAUD trade played out just as planned .. but no Profit for me .. because i hedged it already before go to take the morning shower.

08:11 decided to get rid of the EURAUD hedge on the vWap downwards.
the momentum was large enough to pay for the Hedge .. but I decided to stay in it for a bit longer and generate some green P/L .. that was a bad idea .. as the price went back up quickly …

Lesson to be learned: don’t be greedy!

hedged again .. holding 0.45% Floating P/l on this hedge.

08:23AUDJPY made a nice vWap touch as well .. so decided to go long on this one.
it went up rather quickly and I could have cleaned the desk with that trade .. but as stated before, greed made me stay …

closed the AUDJPY Long after hedging EURAUD trade with a 0.32% gain.

it looks like its still on the way up .. to my original Target of 87.695, but I am out already .. moving on.

9:52 closing out EURAUD Hedges .. but not let it rise till the trendline because AUDUSD hit the Pivot and pulled back.

11:07Shorting GBPJPY

after entering noticing that this is actually a terrible Ratio .. but okay we in it now .. let’s make the best out of it.
enabling SwingFishHelper to Protect equity by 0.3% …

12:00 accidentally scaled in instead of hedge .. but GBPJPY Short trade worked out just as planned

P/L right now +0.594%

12:07 Stoping Livestream (have to reboot the Computer)

### i will stop the LiveStream here, I may start another Stream in UK Session ###

14:44 started to play with GBPUSD and went long .. which did not work well.
plus had to pickup Wife and Kid .. so placed a hedge.

19:32 played a little with the hedges, in the end the GBPUSD Long towards vWap paid for the whole show.

Closing the day with a total gain of 1.329%

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