193 | +1.894% | 3 Setups

08:21 Sunny Wednesday morning .. and WOW, what did I miss .. some massive moves on AUD pairs, there was a quite interesting spike up just 1’ish hopur ago on USDollar as well .. but as of nowthis is normalized already.

however, some currencies (like JPY, SGD, AUD and GBP) are still a bit itchy … interesting trades ahead 😉

because of previous events .. Divergences data looks Interesting as well for Today

the crowd is slightly negative .. but the ones standin out are standing out VERY clearly:
Positive: EUR, CHF
Negative: all other Currencies are generally negative today, AUD is massive down !

JPY just now went into positive territory.. maybe its nothing or its a correction right now taking place already)
that would make AUDJPY Short .. the trade of the day I guess.

08:30 quick Scalp upwards on EURUSD, as it just bounced off the vWap.
the area is quite flat so i was not expecting any massive move … just 1 or 2 pips and we good. (hedging at -1 pip as well)

08:31 i was scaling in 2 times 100% as i started up with a tiny position, and since things started to get moving .. “so what” (the goal was not far away anyway)

08:32 Closing EURUSD Tradeset with 1.8 Pips and a 0.308% Gain.
thats a good start, as i hadn’t even take shower or start the live-stream yet 😉

08:54 glad i went out of EURUSD where i did … that would be quite expensive now.
so .. start in the day is complete … let me make another Coffee .. and start Streaming.

### live Stream Starts Here ###

 10:21 Buying EURUSD again, we sloping still down .. but it seems like a good idea anyway, betting on the vWap bounce.

however, USDollar is going slightly up.. that may not work out as planned.

10:27 Scaling in 50% exactly at the vWap.

10:46 exiting both EURUSD Trades at the middle line I drew after entering the trade, adding another 1.04% to the account

I, however, should have sicked to my original goal (the channel top) which was reached just 1 minute later.

well, afterwards we all smarter .. aren’t we? 😉

11:22 Buy USDCHF, which looked quite good at this time for a scalp upwards to the vWap, but then I noticed that the USDollar already at the vWap, so there could be a bounce.
hedged with 0 pip distance, just have the Spreads and Commissions as negative now.
while I am writing this, the price has not moved at all .. that’s a clear sign somethings gonna happen in a moment.

11:32 reversing USDCHF Trade for Short, for another 0.12% gain,
that, however, may be a bad idea. TP at 0.98607 seems a bit “far”

14:45 ending the chainsaw trading session with a positive outcome.
too much to type so here is the screenshot of all trades.

my final target on USDCHF was 0.98607 .. but the us dollar index bounced of a minor trendline, and I not wanted to give back in negative territory on the account balance.

Closing out today’s session with a Total Gain of 1.82%

please note time /dates shown in Stream, Streenshoots and Blog are in the ICT – Indochina Timezone (GMT+7)