204 | +3.728% | 4 Setups

08:12 starting a little bit late, but after looking at prices, it seems, things are just as odd as they are since about 10 days already. Japanese Yen Going up USD going down .. other Symbols do kind of act strange to it.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: GBP, EUR, CHF
  • Negative: JPY, NZD, CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPJPY (Sell), CADCHF (Buy)
  • NO Planned News in Asia Session.

08:15 Buying USDJPY

08:32 did not work so well .. and before the SwingFish helper protects me I manually hedge the Position at 0.3%

08:41 Nikkei broke vWap .. use the chance to reverse the USDJPY Sell order.

09:50exit all USDJPY Trades.. realizing a 0.762% loss

10:26Sell NZDUSD
there is no real target .. or in other words, the target of S2 is VERY far away! .. but there are some trendlines confirming this
but first we have to break out the current Triangle formation.

10:56Auto-Hedge executed on NZDUSD

11:04reversing NZDUSD to Buy, (realizing a 0.32% loss) we are in a Triangle formation, in order to make money, in this case, we gonna need a breakout .. which may be hard to accomplish at the current volatility.

11:52Reversing NZDUSD to Short

11:52Buying GBPJPY

12:52NZDUSD Hedged again (bored) realizing a 2.3% Loss

12:55 I have to go get some smokes, set Trailing Stop to +6.5 on GBPJPY trade

13:36GBPJPY Buy Stoped out at 20.3 pips with 3.22% Gain

13:58Reverse NZDUSD Hedge realizing a 3.1% loss

15:03 GBPJPY reached the original target from this morning

16:03 selling GOLD

20:10 gold trades are still on, scaling in 20% one more time

20:31FINALLY after 6 hours of waiting !!! closing GOLD with a massive gain.

Total Today: 3.728%

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