215 | +1.588% | 2 Setups

06:14 Friday, strangely, yesterdays Interest decisions did not shake the markets much, but leaving strength data in an interesting state.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: JPY, AUD, CAD 
  • Negative: NZD, EUR, CHF
  • Neutral: USD (slightly positive)
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURUSD (Buy), NZDJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session hs a few Statistical News from Japan (Manufacturing)

06:25 GBPAUD looks like a short setup for the day .. (won’t trade it yet) also the us Dollar has still some room to the upside .. which could lead in USD pairs going up a little bit more (it’s not very much)

no trade active yet. I may buy NZDJPY .. but it’s at a trendline from the 1 Hour chart right now. could go back down easy.


06:35 taking the bait, buying NZDJPY to 78.627

06:50 selling 80% of the NZDJPY position at 1.045% gain

06:58 School Run Time, SwingFish Helper will make sure it’s not going negative.

07:01 SwingFish Helper closed out the NZDJPY Position with a tiny gain as the Nikkei drops. adding 0.136% gain. price likely still to go to the original target .. but I can’t monitor it right now. so we just take what we have.

08:33Buying GOLD,
following the massive correction down on USDollar Futures. (maybe a hoax, since gold has not moved at all yet)

08:41 auto-Hedged GOLD Buy

08:51reversing GOLD Hedge to Buy. realizing a 0.71% loss

09:04 closing GOLD to pay for the hedge-loss ..
the original profit target was reached, but after a hedge, we only preserve capital. gaining 0.927%

09:13 re-buying GOLD fur a quick scalp as EURUSD appears to make a vWap reversal and the USD still on the way down.
gaining 0.19%

### stopping trade and stream here .. may be back in US Session ###

Total Today: +1.588%


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