225 | +4.062% | 2 Setups [Bye bye 2017]

09:37 today is the last day in 2017! lets hope we can make it count.

Currency Data now:

  • Positive: CHF, CAD,JPY  
  • Negative: USD, AUD
  • Neutral: NZD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Session had some small events planned.

09:31 Buying USDCHF, it’s a late entry with small size, it must be pulling back at some stage since it followed my call yesterday and dropped straight down for 122 pips.

there is however a chance it may drop down to 0.975 area first.

09:59 Scaling in 25% on USDCHF (will scale in again 50% on the vWap)

10:24 Buying GOLD

11:10 scaling in 40% on GOLD Buy to level with the losing USDCHF Position

13:19 scaling in on USDCHF Buy

16:04 Closing USDCHF with a massive loss of 21.2%, but not to worry, the Gold trade running parallel has a 19.6% gain already.

18:11 nothing much happened yet, also the USDollar appearing to get stronger,
moving TP on GOLD lower to 1299.52.
a TP around 1302 should be no big deal, but the current intraday resistance holding quite strong, suggesting we not gonna get there, without the help of news or the USDollar dropping massive.

I think, if GOLD does break out upwards, 1300.50 would be a very easy target, but as of now, I’m not so sure this will happen at all.

20:17 Closing all GOLD Trades with a Massive gain .. paying for the USDCHF hedge, the difference and adding a nice 4.062% to the account.


that’s a nice way to end the Trading Year 2017


Total Today: +4.062%


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