235 | +8.72% | 5 Setups

05:49 Good Monday Morning everyone, Asia Session is about to start, lets hope for some nice pullbacks during the day.
this session may be slow, due the US is on Bank Holiday today, so do not expect too much movements during the day on USDollar Related Symbols.
Currency Data now:

  • Positive: GBP, EUR, CHF  
  • Negative: NZD, USD, AUD, CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPUSD (Buy), EURNZD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: FDI – Foreign Direct Investment [CHINA]
  • Bank Holiday: United States

06:15buying USDJPY (small position only) targeting 111.2

07:28 that did not work so well, manually hedging USDJPY, caused a 0.07% equity loss.
so it’s not really something to worry about. I will fix that once the Livestream is on.

08:27 closing all trades (school-run time) gaining 0.288%

###Live Stream Starts here ###

10:10Shorting GBPNZD

10:14re-Shorting USDJPY ..which quickly turned out to be a bad idea as I missed on a support level on M30 .. will scale in a little later on

10:30buying a small position on GOLD longer-term target on gold is still 1352 (but I do not think this will happen today)

11:10hedging all GBPNZD, USDJPY, and GOLD positions (too much size on to play with volatility)

11:21reversing GBPNZD gedge at high risk, realizing a 1.76% loss

11:28reverse GOLD hedge to buy (probably also a high-risk turn)

12:02closing GBPNZD with a 1.38% loss.

12:12Buying AUDUSD to Hourly Resistance

13:18Closing all trades after USDollar hits the Lower channel. Catching move on AUDUSD to Hourly resistance completely and partly the USDJPY fall .. GOLD only made it to the lower minor resistance, but we can expect a pullback now, so closing this as well. gaining a massive 5.81%

Total Today: +8.72%

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