255 | +1.262% | 4 Setups

03:10 Good Monday Morning everyone, after being away for a short weekend trip, starting some analysis a bit earlier before the markets open, to keep up with developments and fetch up some of the memory, there where some massive movements in the last week, so basically anything could happen on fundamental reasons.Currency Data now:

  • Positive: AUD, NZD, CAD, EUR  
  • Negative: GBP, CHF, JPY
  • Neutral: USD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPAUD (Sell), NZDCHF (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Consumer Price Index (YoY) [CHF]
  • Bank Holiday in Canada, Brazil, Japan

note to myself: EURUSD Trade back to the open price

Wow, it looks like i have missed nothing so far…
it’s 11:00 already and Markets are still painfully slow today without the driving force of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

11:06Sell USDSGD

11:09Buying GOLD

looks like I missed something after all: GBPJPY made a 52 pip move for no reason,
well, can’t trade all the setups, besides at this setup did start I was still counting sheep 😉

12:04closing both GOLD & USDSGD as USDSGD hit the TP (S1 Pivot) and Gold was struggling too much adding 0.805% to the account

12:28Buying AUDCAD

14:15 autoHedged AUDCAD via Swingfish-Helper

14:58 Re-Selling USDCAD to lower support

21:14 after being bored to death, closing all trades and go play with my daughter instead.
the us-session will likely bring more opportunities. still, I think 0.99 on AUDCAD can be reached. but I am bored of waiting now.


Total Today: +1.262%

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