287 | +1.201% | 2 Setups

“dealing with” the hedge on USDCHF took serval hours of waiting, finally closing out all trades with a 1.201% total gain.
well as we had a double session today, this is still a good outcome.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: EUR, AUD, NZD, GBP
  • Negative: JPY, CHF, USD
  • Neutral: CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURJPY (Buy), NZDUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: few FED/FOMC Speeches [USD], HIA New Home Sales [AUD]

carry over Hedge Set on USDCHF from the “late night Session” (this will take about a 7 pip move to get rid of)

09:31 Resolving USDCHF Hedge for a 6.75% account loss, the counter trade holding a 5.992% (that’s gonna look very bad on MxFxBook 🙂

09:56 Buying GBPJPY

11:13 price dropped substantially on USDCHF, hedging again.

11:14 Closing GBPJPY for a 0.331% Gain (the trade is not complete, but we will need the Margin to get out quickly of the USDCHF Trade)

14:57 Two Minutes before Frankfurt opening, we hit a minor resistance on USDCHF, hedging the Gains made so far.

15:06 reversing hedge on USDCHF to Sell

15:13 USDollar going up, the reverse was a bad idea. hedging again, sacrificing a large part of the gains.

17:24 re-Hedging USDCHF as we reached a minor resistance, however, price stays there for quite some time.

20:03 Closing all for Break Even, the USDCHF Trade is not finished, but i won’t take the risk and we had a double session today anyway

Total Today: +1.201%

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