290 | +0.805% | 2 Setups | 1 Hedge

as promised, wasted 14 hours of my life doing nothing than waiting for a setup. Worldwide Public Holiday (Easter) caused markets to be almost completly quiet. holding 1 position on USDJPY over the weekend.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: CAD, AUD, JPY, USD, NZD
  • Negative: GBP, EUR
  • Neutral:
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPNZD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Unemployment Rate [JPY] , Consumer Price Index (EU norm) [EUR]
  • Bank Holidays: Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, HongKong, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, …

01:27 made some Early bird Scalping and testing for a 0.243% gain on USDJPY

(mainly to test a few things on the new cTrader 3.0)
same time I was trading the same on the live account to see execution differences, charting and other stuff)

### Live Stream Starts here ###

as it seems: today will be a VERY Slow day! as basically half of the world is on Bank Holiday.
not available to trade right now: GOLD, DAX Futures, DXY, Nikkei
plus the leftover Symbols may have very unstable Spreads due to the non-existence of Liquidity, so today is Majors-Only.

if somethings “Spikes up or down” while you in the trade -> TAKE IT !! (as on low liquidity even small orders can move prices very easy)

10:45Buy EURUSD

11:42 closing EURUSD (made 2.4 pips in 1 hour)

11:59 quick Scalping USDJPY +0.215% Gain

20:21Re-Hedging USDJPY there is basically no movement at all. (just noise)

here is a 1-minute chart from the last few hours. (if nothing happen immediately on US Session start, we will hold the hedge over the weekend)


giving up, the market hasn’t moved at all .. will hold the position over the weekend woth a 2.7% drawdown.
removing all Stops and Take profit orders from the positions open on USDJPY.

Total Today: +0.805% (holding 2.7% hedged Drawdown over the weekend)

please note: times /dates shown in Stream, Screenshots & Blog
in SGT – Singapore Timezone (GMT+8)