301 | +0.976% | 2 Setups

Good Songkran Monday, its late in the evening here, as promised no Asia Session.
the US Session resulted in a quick hedge trade where we made money in both directions.
followed by a re-entry which then took full 4 hours to resolve.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: GBP, EUR, CHF
  • Negative: USD, NZD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPUSD (Buy), EURUSD (Buy)
  • US Session Events: FOMC Member Kaplan Speech [USD]

19:51 after having a 15 sec look at the market,
decided to short USDJPY for the Trendline bounce off the 30 Minute chart, then going live.

19:59 the Pending order to Short USDJPY was not filled by 0.05 pips .. so placed 3 Market orders instead.

20:56 made some money in the whipsawing .. a bit much to explain, see the picture below.

21:02 re-buy USDJPY

21:30 okay enough playing .. got me a nice hedge, but this one will have to wait for some volatility. I do not want to start the week red.
going to smoke one, making me a coffee, and finish this blog header (divergences and watchlist)

02:03 closing all trades .. made a lousy 0.18% addition to what was already there … total waste of time.

Total Today: +0.976%

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