307 | +2.781% | 3 Setups

there where some quite substantial moves over the whole spectrum, as a result of the USDollar movements, so we wither continue that move just as fast, but more likely there will be a consolidation phase now.

the prediction was true, we went into a massive consolidation phase, waited full 7 hours to get the hedge on USDSGD resolved.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: USD, CHF, GBP
  • Negative: NZD, JPY, AUD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDCHF (Sell), GBPJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Consumer Price Index [AUD], Leading Economic Index [JPY]

07:01 USD had no gap, buying USDJPY even knowing we are at some resistance point (low probability, Volatility play)

08:31 sell GBPJPY

08:36 did put on too much size, got auto-hedged on GBPJPY

08:44 reversing all positions to Sell

09:07 closing all Yen Trades as the Nikkei hits a minor resistance

09:09 buy USDSGD to next channel top or till DXY hits 90.862

10:00 buy GBPJPY

10:34 GBPJPY broke below vWap .. closing without hedging

11:20 going for some breakfast …

while on Breakfast, GBPJPY went just as planned all the way up far over the target, guess closing it out on the vwap was a too early decition

13:02 back on my desk reversing USDSGD Hedge

13:56 Frankfurt Pre-Market is approaching, re-hedging the incomplete trade, with a great gain.
however, the gain is not a true gain as it does pay for previous losses (hedge-set) so we play it save since EURUSD already start to go down.
this could be just volatility for the upcoming Frankfurt-opening, but we better not risk it.

18:25 after waiting for full 7 Hours for USDSGD to move, decided to close on breakeven, slipage was on our side so we made some nice profit after all.

Total Today: +2.781%

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