353 | +0.33% | 2 Setups

Currency Data:

  • Positive: USD, CAD, EUR
  • Negative: NZD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDUSD (Sell), NZDCAD (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Trade Balance [NZD], Housing Prices [GBP]

11:46 Buying SGDJPY on the vWap (reversal)

12:03 SwingFish-Helper autohedged SGDJPY as it went through the vWap
looks like the larger resistance is going right through the current area (blue line) reversing hedge to a buy again.

12:28 not so sure this works out, I am in too heavy, plus the spread is not really helping .. I may hedge it again.

13:14 SGDJPY Spiked down. causing another hedge

15:07 back from school run, it appears that SGDJPY is about to break out south, so we hold the hedge till that happen and release at the re-test .. so its waiting now.

15:29 reversed hedge position to sell on the breakout, turned out to be a fake, and we back in the formation.
hedging again.

18:47 reversing positions on vWap and adding to the position about 400%

closing out all positions with a total gain of 0.22% (breakeven)

23:28 Buying the Pullback on AUDJPY for a quick scalp

23:35 closing AUDJPY Trade for a nice fain, putting the day into green again.


Total Today: +0.33%


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