355 | +2.803% | 1 Setup

Starting today with some equity drawdown resulting from the NZDJPY Hedge from last night
Currency Data:

  • Positive: CAD, USD
  • Negative: GBP, NZD, CHF
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURGBP (Buy), EURAUD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Consumer Confidence [GBP], Tokyo CPI [JPY], European Council meeting [EUR], New Home Sales [AUD]

NZDJPY reversed before the Rollover (around 4:20) now after to rollover is done, I have a strong feeling that this is not going where it’s supposed to be going. the chance that price will make a swing down, or even continue the downdtrend is very high.

however, still in a good profit, turning the trade right now would be very expensive due to spread is moving and there is almost no volume.


08:41 release last hedge

09:03 got stopped out by trailing stop all hedges paid and we made some nice profit. that was an easy fix.

Total Today: +2.803%

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