352 | -3.56% | 1 Setup

bad day today, psychology caught up with me. but hey .. that’s just life.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: EUR, JPY, CHF
  • Negative: AUD, NZD, CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURAUD (Buy), NZDJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Corporate Service Price [JPY] , ECB Cœuré Speech

08:25 late start in the day, looks like the show is over already, as Japanese Yen had made a massive spike, I have not yet found out what it was caused it.

08:40 Buy GBPJPY (pure FOMO)

08:54 position went almost 2% in profit, but price smashed down just as fast as it got up. Hedging.

10:11 reversing GBPJPY after it broke minor support.

10:23 dollar is breaking down, Nikkei up, that’s a good sign .. releasing part of the hedge position on GBPJPY to pay for some of the losses.
we are, however, still below the vWap. this could also just be a retest.

10:43 reversing to buy on GBPJPY right at the vWap, this could become a bad idea though because as a vWap reversal (down move) may be more likely at this point)

12:21 reversing GBPJPY after the direction is still not so clear, it moved up giving a good 4% gain, but it’s not so clear on the midterms.

15:11 quick update on GBPJPY, after Frankfurt opening
I seriously doubt the target of 146.169 will be hit. probably try to make a breakeven exit and call it a day.

indices and the dollar start to pull back

16:02 it appears waiting and holding was not a very good idea, as the dollar going up quite good and the indicies going down.
vWap is still pointing up, but that may change in a moment.

16:08 returned all the gains and ended up in a new hedge on GBPJPY .. well that’s just life.

20:04 giving up, closing all trades, accepting the loss.


Total Today: -3.56%


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