371 | +2.616% | 2 Setups

Monday, there is a Massive Divergence on the USDollar, which may lead to some selloffs, however, we have to wait for the openings and see where things going, just be prepared, the US Session may have some interesting features today.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: JPY, GBP, NZD
  • Negative: USD, CAD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDJPY (Sell), GBPUSD (Buy)

sorry guys had some serious Audio issues .. which messed with the Trade Computer a lot.
had to Reboot twice, so the beginning of the Stream is missing. (just shorted SGDJPY before going live again)

Still Short SGDJPY from the morning

### Live Stream Starts HERE ###

11:22 Sell USDJPY (maybe not so good of an idea, as this will double the Yen Exposure, plus the UsDollar looks a bit bullish, technically, however, the trade does sound)

11:44 scaling in SGDJPY Short

13:03 hedging all trades

13:59 reverse SGDJPY to SHort

17:44 had to manually hedge again the SGDJPY trade (going out for a bit)

19:45 Back on my Desk, Traffic & rain .. made me over 2 Hours late.
guess what, nothing happens in the meanwhile, no clear direction .. I may wait for this one out till US session to grab some volatility.


both DXY and the Nikkei Index wobbling around the vWap .. there is nothing we can do for now to exit this trades

20:30 closing all USDJPY trades for a bit more than Breakeven .. it may go higher, but i won’t risk a all night-session over a few pips. .. still have to “take care” of SGDJPY

23:01 closing all SGDJPY Trades early


Total Today: +2.616%


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