374 | +5.794% | 2 Setups

probably a slow day today as some major news are awaiting

Currency Data:

  • Positive: CAD, AUD
  • Negative: USD, JPY
  • Pair(s) to Watch: USDCAD (Sell), AUDUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Exports [AUD], Production [SGD]

08:20 Sell AUDJPY

8:34 Buy USDSGD

8:45 close AUDJPY manually with a small loss

8:50 after closing AUDJPY went straight down to the target .. but well better safe than sorry

8:55 close USDSGD early as the dollar is moving downwards now

9:14 re-buy USDSGD (late entry)

9:18 price stopped sharply, just noticed my resistance line on the Dollar was not correct.
adding some extra size to get hedged earlier on USDSGD.

11:38 reverse USDSGD to buy for a quick Breakeven run to the Pivot

11:53 scaling in on the USDSGD as the price starts to fall .. but accidentally sold, hedging again manually.

12:51 hedging USDSGD again

having a really bad headache, I may leave the hedge on for a little bit longer and getting some rest

16:00 back on my desk, sorry for the delay, i don’t feel very good

thinking of how to manage the USDSGD Hedge.. it looks quite positive, but the USDollar is still in the same range from this morning, but it did eliminate one Resistance in order to widen the range.

so it’s either right now, or we wait for the breakout …

22:36 closing all Trades

Total Today: 0%

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