377 | +4.753% | 3 Setups

today Major news on Japanese, however, the interest rates are likely not to change so this is priced in already anyway, but the conference may cause some rumbling.. let’s see

Currency Data:

  • Positive: EUR, JPY, NZD, CHF
  • Negative: GBP, AUD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURGBP (Buy), EURAUD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Exports [NZD]

09:28 Buy GBPJPY

got hedged while trying to fix my Microphone

now News coming up (Bank of Japan Interest rates) so keep the hedge for a bit longer.

10:08 reverse GBPJPY Hedge to Buy

10:35 buy EURJPY on the vWap

11:16 reversing both to sell positions

12:03 got whipsawed badly on news. luckily the loss was just 0.93%

12:09 fomo buy USDJPY as the dollar goes along with the Nikkei to the upside. also re-entering GBPJPY on the vWap, both Full size .. this can go bad quite easily.

13:40 close both GBPJPY and USDJPY trade early as they shoot up and put me in a great profit,
this was because the size on this position was way larger than usual.


Total Today: +4.753%


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