381 | +0.207% | 4 Setups

Just a normal monday … expecting very little as there are no news either 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: AUD, JPY
  • Negative: GBP, EUR
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURAUD (Sell), GBPJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: Securities Inflation [AUD]
  • Bank Holidays: Canada, Ireland, Iceland

09:13 Sell AUDJPY

09:32 close AUDJPY in Loss

09:34 Buy GOLD & Sell USDJPY after Nikkei makes a vWap Reversal and USD seems to go after the opening Gap

09:49 Close GOLD & Reverse USDJPY

10:01 Close USDJPY reverse trade

10:48 Buy USDJPY for the breakout of the Triangle

Nikkei turned Red, will try to get out of the USDJPY trade sooner

9:49 close USDJPY, the dollar is moving upwards now, but the Nikkei has some trouble, the breakout may still work, but better take what we got, and move on to something with a higher probability.

13:08 Buying SGDJPY (probably a bad idea as the Nikkei still going down

13:10 Exit SGDJPY as it crossed the vWap too easy.

13:22 revenge Buying SGDJPY

13:46 didn’t work out, closing SGDJPY trade

13:52 trying one last time on SGDJPY

17:06 close part of the SGDJPY Sell on London Session change

17:14 setting Trailing stop for the rest of the Position.

17:25 got stopped out by Trailing Stop on SGDJPY with massive Slippage. (due to very low volume)
this put me “just” break even .. will stop trading here

Total Today: 0%


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