384 | +4.706% | 4 Setups

Very late start in this Thursday, there where some Interest rate related news in New Zealand and some medium news for Japan, mixing up the markets quite a bit. 

Currency Data:

  • Positive: JPY, EUR, CHF
  • Negative: NZD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDCHF (Sell), EURNZD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Interest Rates [NZD]
  • Bank Holiday: Singapore, South Africa

10:20 Sell USDSGD (a bit late)


10:47 buy SGDJPY (just for the range it currently forms)


10:49 notices a resistance level very close by on SGDJPY so exit the trade once it’s in a profit.

11:44 Buy EURNZD (small size first, as we +4 from the vWap)


12:05SwingFish-Helper exit EURNZD Buy

12:13 buy NZDJPY

12:58 close USDSGD as it crosses the vWap

13:43 close USDSGD Buy in loss

14:35 price sharply dropped on NZDJPY .. SwingFish-Helper s toped the drawdown perfectly, barely on breakeven.

14:37 entering Short NZDJPY

15:54 getting a strong feeling this is going back up (turning the previous drop in a big fake downwards)
but I’m not so sure yet about it.

16:24 closing NZDJPY with Profit before the 100% mark

Total Today: +4.706%

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