387 | +3.17% | 4 Setups

Back to the Hedging account, after a bit, already start to miss some of the netting Features, not sure how we gonna proceed in the future, for now, its back to hedging.

Currency Data:

  • Positive: EUR, CAD, NZD
  • Negative: JPY, CHF, USD
  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURJPY (Buy), EURUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Retail Sales [CNH], Balances [JPY]AUD]

09:16 Buy AUDJPY (the last bit)

having some problem with the sound (again) .. will restart the Livestream in a moment.

9:38 Sell USDCHF

09:54 closing USDCHF and AUDJPY as the Dollar is undecided and appears to bounce at the low, this may also drive Australian Dollar back down.

10:06 buying (late) AUDUSD

10:08 AUDUSD got hedged (too large position for mid-range)

10:10 reverse AUDUSD to Buy

10:19 exit AUDUSD breakeven as planned

10:25 Buy GOLD

11:47 Hedging GOLD

12:02 reversing GOLD Hedge to Buy

13:28 hedging GOLD again, right at the vWap, that may be not such a good idea, but max.drawdown was reached.

13:28 as expected, GOLD made a vWap Reversal, reversing the hedge again, for a Breakeven run to the downside.

going out to eat, leaving the GOLD Trade on.

19:26 reverse GOLD to Buy

22:58 reverse GOLD Buy to Sell

23:28 closing all GOLD trades

23:37 quick short on AUDUSD,

00:15 close ALL Trades


Total Today: +3.17%

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