400 | +0.205% | 4 Setups

Log number 400, and it’s a Friday, lets hope this becomes a good one.
my Daughter is off School today, so I can not focus 100% on the trading .. I maybe do another run in the US Session.

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPCAD (Buy), NZDJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: New Home Sales [AUD] , PMI [CNH]

06:55 Buy USDSGD Pre Market (small size)

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Today gonna be little moderation as my Daughter is sick and won’t go to school,
day trading needs complete Focus, that’s not really possible wit ha kid asking 700 questions/ minute 🙂

08:03 set Stop at +3 for the initial trade

08:11 decided to make this a full-size trade, however, the Dollar is ar some Resistance right now, it may not work out that well.
setting TP at the previous High .. and let the market do what its want to do.

09:07USDSGD AutoHedged (will leave this one till the dollar made some move

09:11 Buy AUDJPY

09:13 close AUDJPY as planned

09:32 Buy EURJPY

09:37 Close EURJPY early as momentum slows down.

09:45 reversing USDSGD to sell (it’s at a support point now, that may backfire)

09:51 re-Buy EURJPY


10:01 hedging EURJPY and re-hedging the failed USDSGD reverse

will wait from here till prices moved a way of the area

10:42 reversing USDSGD to Buy

11:23 buy EURNZD

11:54 Re-Buy USDSGD

12:33 close EURNZD Remotely

12:53 Close EURJPY at a small loss

13:31 reversing USDSGD the last time .. if that does not work I will take the loss and close this day red

13:35 close all USDSGD trades at a 1.26% loss

13:55 buy USDSGD to get some of the losses back on the Frankfurt opening.

14:14 close USDSGD for a nice gain, but still in a loss for today

14:18 buy USDSGD again as it going down towards the Trendline

14:46 exit USDSGD Buy as the Dollar was stuck at the vWap

15:01 re-buy EURJPY without waiting for a pullback

15:07 exit EURJPY

15:13 re-buy EURJPY for a breakeven trade

15:16 took another attempt to get the account in the green range by re-buying EURJPY
it almost instantly dropped, hedged at the vWap .. reversed to the short side, as there is quite some room to the downside,
exit at “breakeven” and calling it a day .. this was pretty much luck just now.

Total Today: +0.205%

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