404 | +1.323% | 2 Setups

Thursday looks like there is a lot of volatility already pre-market, we have an interesting day in front of us! 

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURJPY (Sell), GBPCAD (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Trade Balance [AUD]

8:41 Sell EURJPY

8:59 close EURJPY as it’s pulling back and the Nikkei retesting the vWap, risking it to go back up

9:00 Nikkei reversed on the vWap to the downside, selling EURJPY again to the old target

9:12 Selling AUDNZD pre-news

9:14 exit EURJPY before the target

9:43 after a few scale ins on the way up, decided to Hedge manually AUDNZD

9:46 reverse hedge on AUDNZD to sell (giving the position full size), however, there is a small support right now and this could be a fakeout, have to watch it closely.

11:21 exit AUDNZD after it made quite a substantial bounce,
the Target of 1.08795 is still valid, but I won’t take the risk, that could just be a volatility spike

13:18 re-shorting AUDNZD with small size

Manually hedging AUDNZD at a tiny loss… bored

release hedge to Buy (probably a bad idea since Frankfurt will kick in in a moment)

14:18 take Profit on trendline, Hedge paid, calling it a day.

Total Today: +1.323%


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