405 | +1.326% | 2 Setups

Friday, having a fever, gonna take it slow today, mot process data too much. sorry about that.

Currency Data:

  • Bank Holiday: Brazil

10:31 Buy AUDJPY vWap Reversal

10:37 price on AUDJPY went quickly below vWap, Hedging
while looking for a target, I noticed that the last 3 top’s where lower than the trendline, it’s usually a sign of weakness. so this trade to fail was pretty clear. reversing to short.

10:58 close AUDJPY as the Hedge-loss was paid.

11:01 Buy SGDJPY on the vWap, the price, however, spend some time hovering above the vWap, this is usually not a good sign.

11:27 reversing SGDJPY to Sell, to the Pivot or maybe a bit lower.

11:53 reverse SGDJPY to Buy

13:04 close all Trades. price likely goes to 80.523 area, but I won’t stay in that long, being Sick, doesn’t make things very much better in decisionmaking.

13:23 quick scalp on SGDJPY for no reason

Total Today: +1.326%

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