408 | +0.418% | 3 Setups

CAD is still high up, but not so sure today will be the day when it makes “BOOM” so we go on casually

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Buy), EURGBP (Sell)
  • Asia Session Events: WCC [AUD], FDI [CNH]

9:25 Sell AUDJPY

09:48 exit AUDJPY on S1 Pivot (still about 8 pips to the target)

10:16 Buy GBPAUD

10:18 Buy USDSGD

10:10 GBPAUD got hedged as it went below vWap

11:36 closing USDSGD on minor resistance.

12:02 re-buy USDSGD

13:01 the Dollar dropped quickly .. pushing USDSGD down to the vWap, position got AutoHedged (probably not a good location to hedge as we still in positive territory)

13:02 reversed the hedge on USDSGD to buy, but it does look like i just bought a top.

13:44 accidentally closed ALL trades with the Close-All Button causing a 1% loss

13:55 re-buy USDSGD

14:01 scale in on the way USDSGD drops back to the vWap

15:38 reverse full trade to Sell

17:34 closing all trades at the bottom trendline on the 4th test, barely making it break even.

Total Today: +0.418%

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