409 | +0.673% | 2 Setups

there were some massive moves downwards for the Dollar in last NY Session, so it looks like its “picking up Breadcrumbs for this Asia session”

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDUSDJPY (Buy), AUDJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Foreign investment [JPY], Unemployment [AUD]

09:25 Buy AUDJPY

09:30 exit AUDJPY after the news spike.

09:46 Selling USDSGD

09:58 manually hedging USDSGD as the Dollar appears to go up

09:50 reverse USDSGD to Buy

09:55 set SwingFish Helper to take profit after the Hedge Loss is being paid

10:09 SwingFish Helper took automatically profit on Breakeven

perfect example on how to use SwingFish-Helper Cash-target setting

10:24 re-Buy USDSGD on the vWap

11:03 reversing again to Buy direction on USDSGD

11:10 Hedging again USDSGD .. we really have to wait till there is a direction building, it may take the whole Asia Session for it to happen.

18:26 close USDSGD with a loss after 2 hedge re-try and a news release on Turkish Lira shook the markets.

19:25 shorting again for ECB news, to get some of the losses back

22:04 closing out all trades, after 4 unsuccessful entries on USDSGD, Hedges where paid, just (again a gigantic waste of time)


Total Today: +0.673%


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