418 | +11.451% | 2 Setups

Wednesday started with some interesting USD moves, let’s see what this is all about

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPCHF (Buy), AUDJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: Trade Balances [AUD] , ECB Meeting [EUR]

09:21 Sell GOLD

09:38 looks like (on M30 timeframe) that I just sold the Support, Hedging GOLD

09:50 reverse GOLD to buy for Breakeven

10:27 Close GOLD after hedge loss is paid

10:41 quick scalp on HK50 .. not worth mentioning it, just to test the slippage

turned out to be pretty good (just 1 pip)

10:46 re-Buy GOLD

11:16 closing GOLD early as the dollar starts to pick up strength (it’s likely just a pullback, the trade itself had not a very high probability in the first place)

11:31 re-Buy GOLD

12:47 prices move awfully slow. exit GOLD early again, traded the same price 3 times in a row now.

12:51 quick Buy AUDUSD vWap Reversal, likely to fail as the dollar picks up strength, however, the setup looks okay

13:01 auto Hedged AUDUSD by SwingFish-Helper,
the dollar went over the vWap so this is a legitimate fail of the setup.

14:31 reverse AUDUSD to Sell

16:29 reverse AUDUSD to Buy on Support

17:23 Hedging AUDUSD in Profit as the direction is still unclear (its still going up, but the Dollar is getting stronger)

will leave AUDUSD hedged till it breaks out, this is just a waste of time …

Close Sell position to get back to buy

02:07 Closing all trades after a massive gain on FOMC News

Total Today: +11.451%

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