422 | -2.14% | 2 Setups

Tuesday. there was some huge spike in GBP Prices last night (US Session) for apparently no reason, let’s see how that plays out today.

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURAUD (Sell), USDCHF (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: RBA Interest Rate Decision [AUD] , Consumer confidence [JPY]
  • Bank Holiday: China, India

09:26 Buy EURNZD

09:30 reverse EURNZD to Sell

09:41 Sell GBPJPY

10:07 closing GBPJPY as it has trouble going further down


12:02 Hedging again EURNZD
will wait a bit till price has moved out of this area before taking care of it.

14:06 change EURNZD to Sell

17:39 quick update still in the EURNZD trade, there is a massive Support area right where my target is, so the price has trouble getting there.

if price breaks out the top, this will be a much stronger Buy. (may reverse it, if the dollar starts to drop)

18:26Dollar creates a Double top .. this is not a very good sign.

19:05 after 6 hours waiting, target never reached, price broke out of the triangle to the upside, taking the loss, this is becoming a waste of time.


Total Today: 0%


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