461 | +3.528% | 4 Setups | AUDJPY | USDJPY | USDSGD | USDCAD

there was a substantial drop in most USD Related symbols, so we likely gonna have a lot of consolidation today

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURUSD (Buy), AUDJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Session Events: BoJ’s Board Member Masai Speech [JPY] , HIA New Home Sales [AUD]

08:23 Buy USDCAD

i made a few test trades, which didn’t quite met the TP, so they are still on in a massice pip-drawdown, but they are extremly small size so this wont matter very much (just looks ugly)

off to School-run

scaling in while on the road .. as USDCAD makes another vWap Retest

10:01 close USDCAD on target

10:05 Sell USDSGD

10:19 close USDSGD early as AUDUSD pulls back hard, but that may be just a retest of the vwap, (i’m probably just being paranoid)

10:33 no balls .. 🙂

10:42 Sell USDJPY
realized jut a minute after that i old right into upport, and the M30 chart ha the 200MA right there (not hat i care, but that make ure ome noise)
better get out of the trade ASAP !

11:04 close all USDJPY for a tiny gain, the MA is right at the S1 Pivot, this makes it a nice target,
but i don’t want to end up in a hedge, its just a bad location for entering a trade.

11:35 Buy AUDJPY (countertrend)
the spike up made a 50% retracement, dollar still going down, nikkei going nowhere, looks okay, not going in full size

14:05 close AUDJPY slightly before the Target

14:23 re-enter AUDJPY

hedged due some connectivity problems, turning hedge trade was keep posting order execution errors, placed order manually.


it apears there is some issue with some Liquidity Provider,
the News reporter also mentiopned they have some issues, i will close all trades once i can execute again.

15:33 close all trades early on AUDJPY once i got my connection back

Total Today: +3.528%

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