485 | +8.674% | 2 Setups | USDJPY | AUDJPY

Not much to expect in the EU session,
because of NFP comming up,
so better wrap things up in Asia

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADJPY (Buy), EURUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Caixin Services PMI [CNH]

08:16 Sell AUDJPY

08:32 hedged AUDJPY

08:41 added another short on AUDJPY on top of the Hedge

09:11 while I went to get me coffee. my Trendline bot took profit while the position was still in a loss … need to check out on why that happened later.

09:57 Buy USDJPY for a longer holding time (probably till EU session)

10:15 close AUDJPY hedge, reverse to Buy

10:11 went outside, so I set an SL instead of a hedge, USDJPY got Stoped out, probably too close for a stop.

11:28 close AUDJPY early but on previous Support, plus we reached 100% Retracement of Yesterdays Drop.

12:08 re-enter AUDJPY

15:07 Reverse hedge to Buy

15:12 didn’t notice micro resistance, price bounced from there -> hedge again. realized 960$ profit on the hedge,
but added another 1200 to the drawdown pile.

17:13 giving it another try after taking some nap, close hedge on AUDJPY

17:13 got accidentally auto-hedged because I closed the trade in Profit and leave the trade in loss open.
this caused another drop in Equity. closed the hedge trade manually.

17:14 adding some size after it falls back a bit

17:24 for some reason some European news (??) made AUDJPY spike up, as I just needed 144$ to go breakeven so I just closed the trade on the spike, with a pretty good profit.

calling it a day from here with a substantial gain, this time not Stupid trading 😉

Total Today: +8.674%

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