575 | 0% | 1 Setup | USDJPY

late start in the day,
markets are back, but very little movement

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDJPY (Buy), EURCAD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: nothing significant

Holding Hedge from Yesterday on USDJPY

sadly I started the day late, and USDJPY made the exact move I did expect to happen for my hedged position to turn a profit.
now it’s back to waiting again.

sorry for not updating the blog, I made a few releases .. created a few losses .. got the losses back

and now at square one .. (haha) today was just a gigantic waste of time. however, the tradeset is still on (re-hedged)

I will make a conclusion with proper profit/loss tomorrow once it’s finished.

markets are just “dead” now

Total Today: 0%

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