578 | +2.43% | 1 Setup | GBPJPY

Mr. Tarif shaking the markets already pre-session

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: CADCHF (Sell), AUDJPY (Sell)
  • Asia Events: Tokyo CPI [JPY], Non-Manufacturing PMI [CNH]

Mr. Tarif made the markets shake even before the Tokyo open, so there may be some consolidations ahead

08:48 Selling GBPJPY

it’s still above the vWap, so this may turn’s bad in a moment, but the 40 Minute Price action looks promising.

09:15 it did turn bad (never went below vWap) – Hedging

10:24 price finally went below vWap, will hold till the immediate Support has been broken

10:30 Support didn’t hold, reversing

10:31 close GBPJPY at the original TP1

11:15 selling GBPJPY again to pay for the previous loss

did hedge about 50% along the way (plain fear, no volume reason)

11:24 reverse Hedge position to sell

11:39 close GBPJPY as the previous loss and the Hedge loss paid.

GBPJPY likely gonna make the original target of 137.534 and 137.5,
but ill call it a day here, there is almost no liquidity, and this will likely not change till London Session.


Total Today: +2.43%

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