580 | +2.736% | 4 Setups| USDSGD GBPUSD AUDJPY EURUSD

Pullback session?

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: NZDJPY (Sell), EURUSD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: RBA Interest Rate Decision [AUD]

04:41 made a few Test trades on EURUSD to fix a bug in the StreamDeck Integration.

08:11 Buy AUDJPY

08:14 that didn’t work, hedge early (it’s too early to tell where things may go

08:16 reverse AUDJPY to Sell, 6.2 pips down

08:24 close AUDJPY on Target (was not enough to pay for the hedge-loss)

09:03 did some more scalping on AUDJPY

Re-Entered the AUDJPY sell, but then got the information about AUD news, so scaling out till hedge levels.

10:14 Sell GBPUSD, late, small size

10:26 Hedging AUDJPY

10:37 closing GBPUSD Sell with a small loss

12:15 Sell GBPUSD

12:17 didn’t work out -> Hedging GBPUSD

Australian Interest Rate Decision coming up… better to stay safe!

13:06 selling part of the hedge order at GBPUSD, and re-hedge for half the loss returned

13:44 releasing hedge on GBPUSD and let trailing stop close the opposite side, resulted in a small loss


19:47 sold USDSGD on the vWap, but the dollar suddenly went up, manually hedging, no point dragging this along.

20:30 reversing AUDJPY

22:03 Scaling in heavy on AUDJPY

23:32 close all trades on AUDJPY

Total Today: +2.736%

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