598 | +0.667% | 3 Setups | AUDJPY GOLD GBPJPY

Friday and G20 comming up, expect nothing!

Currency Data:

11:32 Sell GBPJPY (early entry)

13:57 got AutoHedged on GBPJPY

14:03 starting to reverse Sell positions on GBPJPY to the Buy-side

14:40 exiting all trades on GBPJPY for a small profit (exit early, as Damage control, is more important than making money)

17:29 Buy GOLD, it’s still below vWap, so that is likely a bad idea

17:37 changing my mind about GOLD, closing all

17:42 buying into AUDJPY

18:03 almost got my gold loss back, closing AUDJPY on the vWap

18:09 re-Buy AUDJPY, will take profit at previous Fractal Support

18:36 hedging AUDJPY, it’s a small position, but there is no point in allowing more drawdown, have to wait till this does level itself.

19:03 reverse hedge to Buy

19:21 Hedging AUDJPY again

20:49 close all positions on AUDJPY

Total Today: +0.667%

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