640 | +0.516% | 2 Setup | GBPJPY AUDJPY

early bird today...

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: GBPCAD (Buy), AUDUSD (Sell)
  • Asia Events: no news

07:32 Sell GBPJPY pre-market

08:03 got disconnected and Auto-Hedged, closing hedge position with a tiny loss

08:36 autoscaling out (Advanced TP) triggered, I changed my mind and close all GBPJPY Positions
the original target is about 24 pips down (129.5)

09:15 buy AUDJPY for a retest of resistance, shortly after decided that this is not gonna work closed the trade with almost no profit,
the second I closed it shoots up straight in the target …

09:52 quick re-buy of AUDJPY on the support

09:58 failed to hold support, exiting AUDJPY with small loss


Total Today: +0.516%

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