649 | +0.685% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY

Super Early today (rollover trade)

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURGBP (Buy), CADJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Electronic Card Retail Sales [NZD] , Consumer Price Index [CNH]

02:17 Sell AUDJPY before rollover

03:00AUDJPY went straight down (didn’t get my sell limit filled)

06:33 re-sell AUDJPY

13:54 Sessions about to change into Frankfurt/London, price on AUDJPY is right at the vWap,
there is a very high chance that this trade does not work out as planned.

14:35 price on AUDJPY finally dropped, but I missed support on the Nikkei index, which will likely push the Yen Pairs back up

14:48 Hedging AUDJPY

15:12 selling 50% of the hedge value offsetting the whole trade set on AUDJPY back to a sell

15:36 reverse hedge to Sell

15:44 Close AUDJPY Trade Set

15:57 re-enter AUDJPY short on the vWap

16:03 got cold feet for no reason, exit the position. calling it a day.

the original Signal on AUDJPY is still valid,
but it may be late (eg. risk-reward is not as good as it was this morning)


Total Today: +0.685%

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