652 | -0.22% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY

Starting early today

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: EURNZD (Buy), GBPJPY (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Eurogroup Meeting [EUR], Industrial Production [JPY]
  • Bank Holidays: China

07:16 Buy AUDJPY Premarket

08:22 scaling in in the initial drop after Tokyo opens on AUDJPY

09:15 closing all AUDJPY trades
(probably going higher to 74.481 (but the volatility is quite strange at this moment, prices oscillate very fast))

09:32 some scalping sport to keep me sharp on AUDJPY (or I have no clue how far things may go .. haha)

13:27 re-Enter AUDJPY

13:58 hedging AUDJPY as structure breaks

15:03 reversing the Hedge sell on AUDJPY with a profit, but one of my Bot’s still running causing instant Auto-hedge with double the size.

15:44 AUDJPY doesn’t make the vWap .. I may have to pause trading for a few hours.

20:23 back in the Office … no significant move happen .. price just touched some minor resistance and bounces between vWap

21:36 reverse hedge and enable TSL

my power went out .. (internet disconnected)
once back am stoped out by TSL

Total Today: -0.22%

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