689 | +2.624% | 1 Setup | AUDJPY BTCUSD

Currency Data:
  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDJPY (Buy), USDNZD (Buy)
  • Asia Events: Unemployment  [NZD], BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes [JPY]

06:56 early entry AUDJPY Buy

will keep scaling in on AUDJPY (the initial position was not very big, so I can afford it)

09:57 Buy vWap reversal on BTCUSD

11:52 close BTCUSD with a loss, the loss itself was not really big, but there was massive slippage on exit almost double the result

17:00 scaling out of AUDJPY so I can rebuy on the vWap

17:51 scaling in AUDJPY really HUGE on the vWap (almost triple the position)
the average price is still below the vWap, so i can close the position at no loss if this setup fails.

18:15 got Stoped out on AUDJPY by Trailing Stop with a good profit.

18:30 re-Buy AUDJPY

01:39 News pit the position well over Support, Stoped out

Total Today: +2.624%

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