690 | +2.56% | 2 Setups | GBPJPY AUDJPY

holding AUDJPY while sleeping

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: AUDJPY (Sell), EURCHF (Sell)
  • Overnight Events: Eurogroup Meeting [EUR]
  • Asia Events: Trade Balance [AUD]
  • EU Events: BoE Interest Rate Decision [GBP, EUR]

01:11 Buy the dip on AUDJPY with a hard stop and go to bed

06:56 looks like we not gonna pass the 61% retracements, enable Trailing stop on AUDJPY

07:01 TSL stoped AUDJPY out

Livestream starts here!

07:08 Sell GBPJPY

08:57 trail out of GBPJPY Short

09:57 quick short scalp to next support level on GBPJPY

09:59 close GBPJPY on the Support level

10:12 enter another short on GBPJPY for a larger target (139.37)

11:27 internet connection got lost, caused SwingFish Helper to automatically protect the position, closed the hedge with a small loss.

14:18 Scaling in on GBPJPY as it does re-test the vWap

23:55 taking the loss on GBPJPY

Total Today: +2.56%

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