695 | +1.252% | 2 Setups | GBPJPY AUDJPY

Very late start ..

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: ++NZD, +AUD, -JPY, –CAD
  • Asia Events: Unemployment Rate s.a. [AUD] , Gross Domestic Product [JPY]

Woke up really late, so my preparation time was almost zero

08:03 Sell AUDJPY, as there is horizontal resistance on the 30 Minute Chart

08:21 just realized the there are Unemployment numbers for Australia, which could make the AUDJPY trade go bad.
Selling GBPJPY as well, and set a Hard stop on AUDJPY

08:30 AUD got bashed hard due to bad data, there was no time to enable TSL, hitting the “Close-All” Button

08:51 re-Selling GBPJPY

09:06 bad idea, the Nikkei moves up strong, Hedging GBPJPY

09:09 sell into GBPJPY Hedge and add a buy position back at the vWap to shorten the Hedge distance on GBPJPY

10:36 close the Hedge on GBPJPY as it breaks out below

10:39 close GBPJPY Sell as the hedging loss is paid … Damage Control comes always first!

11:19 re-sell GBPJPY (very small size) as GBPUSD just hit the vWap

12:24 closing GBPJPY after it missed my target and pulled back

Total Today: +1.252%

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