700 | +0.727% | 3 Setups | HK50 AUDUSD AUDJPY

Early start in the 700

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: ++CHF, +EUR, -NZD, –AUD
  • Asia Events: Foreign Investment [JPY]

07:44 Sell AUDJPY

08:39 accidentally hedged my short position, reversing and set Trailing

08:45 Trailing stopped out AUDJPY

09:21 re-enter AUDJPY short (probably a bad idea, as we right at the support level)

09:55 close AUDJPY as prices slow down and DXY goes down (only AUD did slightly move up, so ill take profit early)

11:03 some China Trade war news caused a massive move, scaled in on the hedge to the upside on vWap retest.
got out of the position with no loss, but sacrificed all my profits of today.

11:08 re-enter AUDJPY Buy, no real reason could go anywhere from here.
Nasdaq hasn’t yet hit the vWap but AUDUSD is right at it, just prey on some volatility coming from the Australian Dollar.

11:54 closing AUDJPY .. paid almost my loss on the mess, calling it a day (for now)

11:21 Sell AUDJPY

12:33 buy late vWap retest on AUDUSD

13:13 set TSL to minimize the loss on AUDJPY

13:36 stoped out from AUDJPY with Minimal loss

14:32 stop out AUDUSD on structural support

15:14 quick Buy on HK50 (just for the ego) 🙂

15:29 closing HK50

Total Today: +0.727%

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