707 | +0.328% | 3 Setups | USDJPY EURJPY AUDJPY

taking it slow today

Currency Data:

  • Pair(s) to Watch: ++CAD, +JPY, -NZD, –AUD
  • Asia Events: TD Securities Inflation [AUD], Caixin Manufacturing PMI [CNH]

05:30 Buy AUDJPY

07:42 manually placing hedge order on Mobile as AUD shows some Weakness before the News

08:11 Closing AUDJPY Early

09:24 Sell AUDJPY back to the vWap

09:52 it looks like AUDJPY is breaking out, will hedge the position and reverse to buy on the next vWap Reversal

12:21 reverse AUDJPY to Buy

12:53 Buy EURJPY on the vWap

13:00 hedging EURJPY

16:27 reverse Hedge on AUDJPY, enable TSL on Buy Position

16:42 close EURJPY Sell, Trailing Buy

16:43 EURJPY closed with a small Loss

16:46 Trailing closed AUDJPY

17:29 Buy USDJPY

17:34 hedged USDJPY

20:21 close Buy positions on USDJPY

21:36 closing USDJPY shorts with Trailiingstop as I not want to get caught by Volatility spiked from NYSE

22:30 re-sell USDJPY

22:45 closing USDJPY prior to News

22:47 re-enter USDJPY

22:59 News pushed USDJPY far beyond Take profit, caused some significant slippage in my favor, making this a green day after all

Total Today: +0.328%

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