725 | +0.322% | 3 Setups | EURUSD AUDJPY EURJPY

Prepared, but no early entry

Currency Data:

  • Diverge Currencies: ++CHF, +JPY, -CAD, –USD
  • Asia Events: Non-Manufacturing PMI [CNH]
  • Bank Holidays: Japan, Sweden


change EURJPY to Sell (log term still a buy)

12:59 Sell AUDJPY

there is support (already tested) nearby on AUD, will exit the position at the nearest support

13:01 Hedging most of EURJPY

13:11 closing AUDJPY

17:18 Buy EURUSD (vWap Reversal)

17:27 close EURUSD on previous high

18:15 re-Buy EURUSD

18:18 it doesn’t really move, enable TSL on EURUSD at the average price

18:27 closed EURUSD manually

18:48 close EURJPY Sell positions for a profit

19:59 re-hedge EURJPY with profit

21:07 Sell EURUSD back to the vWap (at H4 Resistance)

23.48 my internet connection disconnected… closing positions from my Mobile

calling it a day.

Happy New Year everyone!

Total Today: 0%

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